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“Being part of a community means more than just having an office here!”

Community Support Guidelines

Our relationship with our community has always been the foundation of our success. At Hurst and Hurst CPAs we are committed to using our resources and expertise to give back and help improve the community in which we work and live. Specifically, we want to do what we can to contribute to a vibrant and sustainable local economy.

We strongly believe in making a difference in our community with a special focus on promoting the innovative spirit of local entrepreneurs. It is our sincere desire to help strengthen the economy of our state and well-being of our fellow Georgians. As such, we make every effort to help local organizations who work towards that common goal.  Investment priority is typically given to those organizations that support the firm’s three identified cause areas:

  • Financial Literacy
  • Entrepreneurship & Small Business
  • Economic Development

These cause areas guide and focus our corporate responsibility strategy. We make a difference through various venues:

  • Signature Partnership
  • Charitable Giving
  • Employee Volunteer Program

In an effort to strengthen community relations, we are also proud contributors and supporters to several local based organizations. Local groups that our staff provide a high level of service to include:

Our goal is to give back to the community we live and work in by supporting organizations that make a positive difference.


Volunteer Charity Help Sharing Giving Donate Assisting ConceptSignature Partnership

Hurst and Hurst CPAs partners with local nonprofits that align well with our mission to support through all aspects of giving: sponsorship, pro-bono work, volunteer opportunities and beyond. This is a multi year partnership that deepens our impact and relationship with our community and provides lasting value to the partner organization.

Event Sponsorship

We believe that creativity encourages innovation, entrepreneurial thinking and helps our community to thrive. We are supporters of cultural, educational and charitable events throughout south Georgia.

Pro-Bono Work

We have a long history of providing reduced fee or no fee service to nonprofit organizations in our community. Our pro-bono work is in alignment with our cause areas.

Who is eligible?

To be considered for a donation, an organization must be a public charity ideally located in or serving the people of Douglas/Coffee County Georgia, which is exempt from income taxes under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (and not classified as a private foundation).  Consequently, the firm has established procedures and guidelines to assist you with your charitable donation request.

Charitable Donations

We believe that we are as strong as the communities in which we do business and feel that giving back to the community through charitable donations helps to strengthen all of us.  Our charitable donations program has 3 components.

Firm Initiated: Donations are made to organizations whose focus is in alignment with our cause areas.

Client Inspired: We support both our nonprofit clients and our clients’ philanthropy by making contributions to organizations and causes our clients care about.

Employee Match: We support our employee generosity to nonprofit organizations by providing matching employee contributions.

Employee Volunteer Hours

We support our staff’s passions outside of work by providing paid time (up to 8 hours per year) to volunteer in the community. In addition, staff is compensated for time spent during the work day serving on nonprofit and community boards.

Employee Initiated Events

These events are employee-led, workplace-based charitable initiatives that are supported by the firm. They provide our employees the ability to raise money and donate their time to causes that they care about.

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  • All requests should be submitted to the firm via the online sponsorship application.
  • Please allow four weeks for response to your request.
  • Maximum one request per year per organization.
  • Date, time, location of event (if applicable).
  • A specific description of what you are requesting of the firm.
  • All monetary donations are limited to beneficiaries that reside or conduct business in Georgia.

When to apply:

The firm will look at the consistency of your request with the focus of our charitable giving and respond to your request within four weeks of receipt.

How much to ask for:

Requests for our support exceed our capacity to fund them. Therefore, requests should be appropriate to the project and reflect realistic expectations.

Evaluation of Application:

  • Is it compatible with the firm’s guidelines?
  • Is the need well-documented?
  • How does the project foster a healthy, vital community?


If your request fulfills our requirements, please move forward and complete the online application.

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